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Our Story

Decades of Vintage: Where you CAN judge a book by its cover! 

We offer a varied selection of quality vintage and antique decorative books curated by sets. When put together into cohesive sets, decorative books are an easy and yet unique way to add to accents to all types of decor... no two sets are ever alike. 

Why choose Decades of Vintage books for your shelves?

It's simple, we do it differently.

  • The books you see are the books you will receive, not just the color, not just the title, but we hand select each book and take the picture of the actual copies you will receive. All books are readable, and shelf ready! 

  • We can put together collections of any size, by number of books, by inches or by feet.

  • 95% of our books are the same color edge-to-edge, most of them all cloth, as you can see in the third picture of each listing.  So a blue book is blue from the front, back and spine. 

    • Why is this important?  Because standing up or lying down the color of the book is all the same.  White/ivory is the exception because there are so few white/ivory edge-to-edge available.


We feature 3 Product lines:

  • Vintage Books Curated by Color for a contemporary feel with vintage materials.

  • Upscale Antique and Vintage Sets with books printed in the 1800's to the early 1900s with cover embellishments.

  • Farmhouse and Country Rustic with books printed in the late 1800's to the mid-1900s many with illustrated and embellished spines.